Friday, July 31, 2009

Pretty and Pink

After just going through my inspiration files, I found so many ideas for postings. I thought I would start with my very favorite photo. It is above. I am so drawn to both Red and Pink and this vignette evokes what I love so much about each color. The red leather clad console with nailheads- bold, chic, masculine. The light pink walls- sensual, soft, feminine. The magenta flowers- excitement, thrill, and passion. I know it may sound dramatic to talk about design this way, but perhaps that is why some of us get into this profession....because it does evoke those emotions. Can you understand why designer's love their job so much?!?!?! :)

I have had the above picture on my wall for a couple years now. I just love it. Well, I came across this image of a silk flower and immediately thought of my dream photo. How perfect would these silk flowers work on that console? Silk flowers are great if you find a stem that actually looks like a real flower. They can be expensive, but thankfully these are not too bad.

Fresh Touch Elizabeth Rose- $12 a stem, Pany Silk Flowers, NY (looks like I found a new posting with this one....definitely want to check out this place in Chelsea.)

This I wanted to include as well, to show that when designing, colors and ideas can come from anything. This was a box of truffles that my friend brought back from Heathrow Airport in London. These are strawberry champagne truffles and the best piece of chocolate I have EVER had....... I beg her to get them every time. That being said, I was so mesmerized by the color of the box, that I took it with me and have kept it for years as well, knowing that one day, I will have a paint color specifically mixed to match. The box is so beat up, even my dog attacked it and their is a lipstick smudge on it too, but I still keep it.

Add the perfect unique red console, the vibrant silk flowers, the paint color to match, and viola, I've got my own version of the picture.

Whenever you find something you love, and it doesn't matter if you don't know what to do with it- keep it, for you may find a use later on. But truthfully, if it speaks to you in a way that brings a positive emotion, why not display it as a reminder of those feelings. Finding art and inspiration in unusual places is what pretty much what occupies my mind all day!

The Designista

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