Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Inspiration's Everywhere: Steak Frites

I was walking down 16th Street near Union Square and saw these pendant shades hanging above the bar in Steak Frites, an American style bistro. I thought this was such a creative take on the typical lampshade. I had to run in and take a picture!
This inspired me to march back up the street to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and buy a lampshade and try this myself. Would you believe that this lampshade, the ones I grew up with, probably because they were the least expensive, are nowhere to be found? I am thinking these may be considered vintage!?!?!? What....? So... my do-it-yourself task is put on hold until I can track one down.

Lampshades can be quite costly, so if you have any of these "old-fashioned" shades laying around in the attic, try this. All you need is gorgeous ribbon, an exacto, and the ability to tie a pretty bow!

The Designista

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