Thursday, July 30, 2009

Elephant Stampede

Good Morning Everyone! I was looking through my inspiration file last night for things to blog about this week (if you have been paying attention, I have done one every day!) and came across this restored outdoor/ indoor pavilion.

House and Garden

The thing about ripping things out of magazines for inspiration (which I recommend everyone do,) is that you can't go back in time to find the whole article and get more description on the room or find out where something was purchased. What I do know, is that I love the elephant floor lamp and table combination. The use of elephant in design is so "hot" right now. Though this image is at least a year old, you can see elephants in all aspects of interior design and fashion. I have always wanted to have an elephant side table in my interiors, so I decided to do a little research. If you are like me, and budget conscious, these have really great prices!

My Favorite!- Ceramic and the most expensive, of course- The Well Appointed House- $580

Tracy Porter White Ceramic Elephant- $247.50

Alabaster with a felt bottom planter stand- Spring Garden Shop $29.95

White Wicker elephant- Pier One Imports $99.95

Wicker Elephant in Antique (but also comes in white)- Frans Wicker $45

Let me know which one you like the most.... I would love to know what my audience thinks about my finds! When you introduce the animal element into your interiors, it brings an unexpected roar of excitement, to your space, while still remaining chic! A little piece goes a long way.
The Designista


Funny Girl said...

Bamy, I really like this post! My favorite is also the elephant stand from Well Appointed House. I also like the little one from Spring Garden too and would consider putting it in my house.

The Designista said...

I second the well appointed. I want to do more posts like this..... Glad you like it! :)