Friday, July 3, 2009

Inspiration's Everywhere: Henri Bendel

Welcome to my first "Inspiration's Everywhere" blog segment. When I am out and about in the city, I am constantly being inspired by things I see. Anytime I come across something fabulous, I'll take a picture, and put it in the "Inspiration's Everywhere" segment featuring where I saw it and how it inspired me.
Recently, I was at Henri Bendel on Fifth Avenue and saw this decorated dress form in the jewelery department. It is covered in short pieces of chocolate brown and white polka dot gross grain ribbon.

It immediately caught my eye because I have been searching for a used dress form to stand in my room as a necklace display, but didn't know how I was going to decorate the muslin. Now I do!!!!! Hip Hip Hooray! I have always thought dress forms are like pieces of sculpture. Not only will it be an art element in the room (when I am finally able to buy one- they are pricey,) but it is also functional for displaying all my long necklaces and....I can pin my vintage broaches on the form.

Here is a picture from Elle Decoration featuring, Matthew Williamson's, fashion designer, apartment showing something similar to what I had in mind.

Next time you go shopping, look beyond all the merchandise. Maybe you'll find the answer to the design question that's been plaguing you too!

The Designista


Miss Yaya said...

that's such a clever idea

i always try to get the people at forever21 to sell me their mannequin heads because they are always out of the ordinary to me - haven't convinced them yet!

The Designista said...

Thanks Miss Yaya! You are my first comment left by someone outside my friends and family. Forever21 does have interesting heads but alas..... I know they are stingy! Going to check out your blog now. Cheers!