Sunday, July 26, 2009

Inspiration's Everywhere: Tory Burch

Fashion and interior design go hand in hand. One of my favorite designers, though at this point have had difficulty affording, is Tory Burch. Her designs are so vibrant and graphic, that they just make me feel alive and giddy when admiring them. My sister is one of her biggest shoe fans! She has about every pair known to woman. So it's no wonder that her store in Nolita, and every other one of her stores I've visited, could be an inspiration for design.
In many high-end stores, they won't allow you to take pictures inside, and with the hawk-eye sales person hovering over my shoulder, I wasn't in the mood to be reprimanded. However, I was able to take a picture of the facade, which in regards to this particular store, is my favorite aspect of the design.

TORY BURCH- 257 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY 10012

I love the unusual combination of orange, fuscia, and hunter green. I am one who is all about color, but not even I would have put this combo together at first. If you peak inside the door, the carpet is a lime green which makes it seem like you are walking onto grass, or a luxury version of a Palm Spring's 1960's patio covered in astro turf.

This front door is such a bold statement. The exaggerated height, the glossy orange paint, the acrylic and polished brass handles, and brass fittings at the base of both doors give this front door experience one of high class!

If you don't notice architectural details such as this high-relief masonary design, start noticing! There are beautiful details that often blend into the backgroud. At first, I thought this was just a graphic design applied to the structure. Though, after looking more closely, I believe it is a play off of her well-known "T" logo. I could picture a carpet in this design; cut silk pile with wool loop pile as the fore-ground/ field....... the T's slightly raised above the background...... ahhhhh.....that would look lovely.... say in black on white, aqua on orange, or ivory on ivory.... gorgeous and glamorous!
Whether or not you like her clothing line, stop into Tory Burch the next time you pass this store, and marvel at her interior design- it is something to covet!
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