Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Girl About Town: Sweetiepie Restaurant

Today was my good friend Nadia's birthday and I decided to treat her to an afternoon of delight at Sweetiepie Restaurant in the West Village. Though she is from New Jersey, she doesn't venture into the city all that often and thought we could both experience something new together. Cocktails and dessert? I'm in and knew she would be too!

I recently heard about this restaurant randomly through a blog reviewing the interior design and immediately became intrigued. Not too long after, I happened to meet the pastry chef in passing. Coincidence, I think not! I was being beckoned by the design and dessert gods to get over there and scope this place out for myself. Let me tell you, the pictures do not do Sweetiepie's interior justice. It's like eating in a grown-up fairy tale; a giant birdcage surrounding the coveted front window table, scrolled chairs and high back pink leather tufted sofas, crystal chandeliers, silver candelabras placed on every table, and mirror covering all wall and ceiling space making the room so bright and airy, you can't help but feel like your a character in a sophisticated and chic version of Alice in Wonderland!

For the cocktail, we got The Sweetiepie; a champagne, St. Germaine, and pomegranate mixture. It was divine! And.... thankfully got me out of my so-called "Grinch" mood. There was a 5 year olds' birthday party with 15 kids running rampant, yelling, and blowing those horn blowers the entire time. Hey, I don't know what to say, in my grown-up fairy tale, I never considered the Chuck E. Cheese element to be included! And I love kids and Chuck E. Cheese!

The birthday girl enjoying her Sweetiepie! Earlier in the day, a waitress at lunch (not here) spilled a bottle of beer on her! She doesn't seem to be bothered, does she? Have another Nadia!

I had to take a picture of the ceiling...... see how the whole place is reflective? Almost like a fun house!
Behind the bar, the built-in niches house alcohol as well as jars of candy. The niches paired with the sofas and mirrored walls, give the decor a Hollywood Regency flair. So glamorous!

Our choice of desert was a good old-fashioned banana split- YUM-MY! Desert is served with a cup of crayolas and a placemat consisting of games reminiscent of the Highlights magazines you find in your doctor's office. Definitely entertaining as well as providing concrete evidence that Sweetiepie is kid friendly! Uh-oh, I am sounding like the Grinch again...... just kidding!

I am really looking forward to going again. I think this place would be perfect for a bridal or baby shower or just a gathering of friends celebrating their connection as women who equally enjoy eating and drinking as well as glamorous interiors!


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