Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Life: A New Job!!!!!!

Good Day Everyone! I am so sorry to have been ignoring you all for so long:( My creative energy was drained from focusing on finding a new job and I am proud to announce- I just started as an inside Sales Rep for the gorgeous and sleek Hudson Furniture Inc. in the Meat Packing District. For those of you that live in New York, it is directly above Stella McCartney on 14th Street.

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I am so blessed to get this job, when there are still so many unemployed highly-educated people in NY. Most of all, I am thrilled with myself for making the call. I actually bought a piece of petrified wood from them when I worked as an interior designer in Los Angeles. I called them, reminded them of their dealings with me, they remembered, and were apparently impressed with my demeanor over the phone in the many laborious conversations we had over two years ago, scheduled an interview the next day, met the owner three days later, and was hired the next day! Can you believe it?!?!?!! I have never had a professional interview process move so rapidly.

Moral of that story: always be polite in your personal and professional dealings, trying never to burn bridges. You never know who you will need or need to know later on. Two women imparted their wisdom on me years ago that I have tried to live by in my adult and professional life: "Kill 'em with kindness. You'll always go further." And, "Walk in a lady, walk out a lady." I think this attitude could be one reason for being hired so quickly..... and let's not forget my charm and intellect!!!! ;)

You must check out the furniture on the website,, as it is simply stunning. It is such a wonderful place to work surrounded by such beautiful pieces of art; fitting that the pieces are displayed in the showroom as if it was an art gallery.

Here are some of my favorite pieces:

Hudson Signature Bed- Long Slab of Claro Walnut as a headboard with drawers, bed platform, and lights afixed to the bed

Atlantis Chandelier- Gloss Nickel and Chain- My FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!

The Rock- Cast Bronze made to look like our organic teak root pieces

Knight Base in Polished Bronze with Scuplted base- English Windsor slab table top

Flower Power Chandelier in Iron with Blown Icicles- We have this in the showroom in Gloss Nickel with clear icicles, but it also comes in powder coated black and white. This piece is 48" in diameter- A real statement piece

Plexi Console- A gorgeous piece. In person, this is quite magnificent. The organic wood paired with the modern elegance of the plexi make it an extremely glamorous piece of furntiure.

Divian Sofa- (above and below image) The upholstery quality is exceptional and the wood frame is simply gorgeous. The wood is French walnut and you provide your own fabric (in designer terms, that is COM, or customer's own material.)

This would be a sofa you would buy if you had a seating arrangement that was "floating," or in the center of the room away from the wall.

Antique Teak Root Coffee Table. These are one-of-a-kind. The teak is hand polished or sanded and then sprayed with an acrylic finish to give it the sheen. Beautiful!

I am so excited about this new opportunity and to finally be back in the design community in New York City.


The Designista

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