Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Shop Stop: Alan Moss

436 Lafayette Street, NY, NY 10003

When I worked in Los Angeles for an interior design firm, our projects were so high-end that I was blessed to be able use some of the finest fabrics and furnishings around. Two of our projects, an Art Deco inspired building in London, a Classic French apartment in Paris, called for the use of authentic antiques. I even got to shop for antiques in Paris! Oh what a day!

The other day I was walking near my house and stumbled across an antique shop that we often would specify products from- Alan Moss. In order to get in, you must ring the door bell. Once inside, it is hard to focus at first because the place is packed so tightly with gorgeous pieces whose origin span the century and, due to their expensive price, have rich pedigrees as well, I am sure. A goal of mine- to one day have my own projects (and hopefully for my own home) that would allow me the opportunity to purchases antiques from dealers such as Alan Moss.

That being said I took a bunch of pictures of some pieces that caught my eye and it was quite fun to see things that I had once admired while working for MJDA. I have a dream to one day have my own projects that would allow me to buy antiques from places such as this.

This is MY FAVORITE combination! I just love how fluid and round this is.... like whipped cream. A close image below. This is plaster.

Faux Bamboo gilt side table with clear resin and gold leaf top. This piece is gorgeous. Look at the image below for a close up of the top.

I wish you could see this in person. This vignette, was my favorite in the showroom. The commode is cream with gold leaf detail on the facade, the mirror is gilt wood, and the lamps are gilt. I couldn't get any closer, because there is furniture from where I am standing all the way to the commode.

Pair of Bronze table lamps with Bronze shades by Charles et cie. 1960's

These are crystal beaded and bronze with lighting from within- these are about 30" tall. Beautiful.

So Art Deco- Pair of Chandeliers by Prof Fritz Breuheus, Berlin, 1925

Pair of Rare Plaster Serge Roche Torcheiers - I aspire to have one of his pieces one day!
French 1930's

Note: This is not a very friendly showroom as I was in there for 10 minutes without even a hello, but the pieces are worth seeing. Especially if you are a designer and in the market for some heavenly antiques.

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