Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wish List: Peacock

I will just say this right now- I LOVE ANYTHING PEACOCK!!!!!! That is why I am soooooo happy to see that this gorgeous creature of nature is influencing all aspects of design everywhere!

I grew up going to the Arboretum of Los Angeles in Arcadia where the peacocks wander freely throughout the botanical gardens. I remember as a young girl how impressive their feathers were- both in height and color. They say Aquarians are attracted to the color turquoise; perhaps that is why I am in love with their grandeur!

The use of peacock as a design element in interiors is ageless. I was watching two movies recently, both of different eras and locations, where peacock motifs were included in the set.

Pride & Prejudice (2005) starring Kiera Knightly, Dame Judi Dench, Matthew MacFadyen- taking place in 19th century England. This is the scene in the movie where Dame Judi Dench is scolding Elizabeth Bennett at dinner for not knowing how to play the piano. Look to the right of the screen.... though this picture was the best I could get, there is an urn of actual Peacock feathers used as a decoration. This look is easy to achieve. Buy Peacock feathers and put them in your own vase of choice! Viola- Hollywood Chic!

Evening (2007)- Starring Claire Danes, Natasha Richardson, and Vanessa Redgrave- taking place in the 1950's in Newport, Rhode Island. I love murals and especially hand painted murals. The set for this movie was a private estate, The Ledges, in Rhode Island originally owned and painted by Howard Gardiner Cushing. This is authentic....and absolutely beautiful!

I want to show you where we can see the use of peacock making its way into the interior world right now- but honestly, I don't think it ever left. It is just more pronounced now as the big designers in fashion and interiors are including it in their lines!

Matthew Williamson, fashion designer extraordinaire, opened a showroom in NYC, where he also showcases his new rug collection for The Rug Company. Isn't it divine?!? I can't wait to see this in person! This design, Peacock Dark, (also comes in Peacock light) is a mixture of wool and silk, adding sheen to the feather design- very much like an actual peacock feather.

Anthropolgie has a table top collection of Peacock inspired plateware. I have scene this in person and they are very chic! One image I included the whole set, the second shows you a close up of one of the designs.

Trina Turk, one of my favorite fashion designers, has partnered with Schumacher for an indoor/outdoor fabric line which debuted in March 2009. Her fabrics are so bright and colorful! This is her "Peacock" fabric coming in three different colorways. This fabric is only available "To the Trade" through an interior design professional.

Orange in Los Angeles available through 1st.dibs, has a vintage brass peacock lamp dating from the 1960's. This lamp would be such a fabulous accent piece in an entry on a console.

Even Pottery Barn has jumped on the band wagon. The bedding line, Bettina, is rich and sophisticated. The first time I saw this bedding I even considered it momentarily for my own personal bedroom.

Last but not least, take a look at this modernized graphic letterpress greeting card "Peacock" by Kamal. For those of you that don't participate in the art of personalizing cards anymore, perhaps you should start, just so you can brighten some one's day with this visual splendor!

Take a look around, much of what we see in the design world is a reinvention of what already has been done. Trends come and go, but when trends are related to an element of nature, they will never fully disappear..... take a risk, be bold and beautiful, like the outrageous peacock!

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