Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wish List: Swarovski Crystal Chandelier

I was walking in Soho, as I do nearly everyday, and happened to come across the new Crystallized Swarovski Elements store. I love everything about rhinestones, though, thankfully, I never did join the Ed Hardy bandwagon, and wanted to see what new items were being introduced. One step in the door, and I was mesmerized by the stark white and taupe interiors infused with mirror, glass, and raw cut crystals. I never made it to the merchandise....

This store is not a typical Swarovski retail store. I was actually standing in a lounge called "Crystallized" that doubled as a museum for Swarovski products, though they are still awaiting their beer and liquor licence. A costume Emmy Rosum wore from the movie "Phantom of the Opera," fashion hand bag competition winners, in-house Swarovski visual displays, and a portrait of Mr. Swarovski, were among the exhibits to admire.
Handbag on display encrusted with crystals

The new Elements line with loose crystals scattered on the floor of the display

Mr. Swarovski

The dress Emmy Rosum wore in "Phantom of the Opera."

And then I saw it...... the most beautiful chandelier I have ever seen in my life. The Cascade...... Breathtaking....... It looked like the heavens had opened up and dropped a waterfall of diamonds to the ground. Max Azria of BCBG has this in his glamorously eccentric home in Los Angeles.

Elle Decor: Photograph by Douglas Friedman

According to the sales associate, this piece retails for approximately $130,000. In my opinion, if you have the space, this is like a rare art find or antique piece of furniture. Its worth is in the eye of the beholder, and most likely all could not help but behold this masterpiece!

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