Monday, September 21, 2009

Shop Stop: Terrain- Philadelphia

I know that summer has officially passed and we are into the beautiful fall season that I have yet to see. Literally, I think the only time I have ever experienced a season change was when I visited Connecticut to visit my sister at Yale in Fall 2000. Wow....

That being said, I know we are ending the season of outside dining and gardening here in the city. However, that season is never over for the California crew. I wanted to introduce an amazing store, Terrain, that I found in Domino March 09 (sadly their last issue) and explore what they have to offer. In my opinion, exterior furniture can easily be brought inside for adding something unexpected to the design. The light fixtures are amazing. As well as their visual displays.

Originally, I tore this out of the magazine because I was so inspired by the dining design. How lovely would it be to dine outside with these gorgeous globe lanterns above head with dangling blown glass figures? If you have a patio cover/ pergola, you could easing hang several globes, and get individual glass/ crystals from the local craft store, hang from fish wire, and you've got the same look. Not to mention it would be so pretty during the day to have the prism effect from the sun hitting the faceted crystals. Day and Night design!

Filagree Spheres- I am in LOVE with these. 3 sizes (16",20",24"-$498-$1298)
Hand-crafted hammered and drilled brass.

Texas Glider- This chair screams my mother's name :) The colors and age give so much character to this antique- $398.

Bespoke Slatted Bench- $1998. A little more expensive, but due to it's construction of galvanized steel, it will last forever, and keep its sheen. This is a reproduction of an antique, but I think this bench would look amazing in a garden, but could also be used indoor. I picture it in an entry with a couple of graphic pillows- Not in every interior, but if you are courageous enough to put a galvanized steel bench indoors, you probably have a fairly quirky design mind!

Rust Wire Edging- Knotted wire edging?!?!?!?! How cute is this? It is a little pricey at $24 for 18" of length, but could be perfect for a small length of garden patch. What about around a little pumpkin patch. Love it!

Two-Tier Plant Stand- $598 This reminds me of something that should be in the garden of the movie Great Expectations. Old, with peeling paint, yet still whimsical and romantic.
This store is in Pennsylvania, which isn't too far from NY. Looking forward to visiting one day. I know my green thumbed mother would be in heaven here!
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