Thursday, September 3, 2009

Animalistic Behavior

I was recently introduced to someone who is moving into a lovely home in the Northern California Bay Area. He is very excited about his move and has a discerning sense of style and quite aware of the interior world. He and I spoke for a long time about his plans for his home, his design direction, as well as asking advice on certain furniture pieces he was leaning towards. And you know me, anything having to do with design, I am all over it. It was really fun getting to talk about his plans and even found myself thinking of things he could do on my off time, as well as running through sources in my head that he could investigate. I'm so crazy! I'm not even his interior designer! :) It's just so fun to see someone happy in their space!

One thing he mentioned was the use animal print- actual hide fur- that he wanted to put on stools. I love the idea! He was a little apprehensive, but I assured him it is a wonderful idea. Our conversation inspired me to write about this topic. As I browsed through my files, I noticed that many of the interiors featured the use of animal print- stylized or actual hides! It should be used sparingly to add punch, but if executed properly, it really adds impact.

Zebra Hide laid on the ottoman with ties- Like it was an afterthought, not planned. This is one of my favorite entries- I just love the creative draping that makes me feel like I am in a make shift tent of a traveling diplomat in the desert.......

Florida Condominium- This chair covered in black and white zebra hide against the graphic painting almost takes on a sculptural quality itself.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS ROOM!!!!!! There is so much going on, yet it still seems understated, but with a dominant undertone. This is a very sophisticated design, with the veneered wooden horizontal and white lacquered paint stripes, but adding the faux fur animal element, gives it an element of casualness and flair.

When it comes to hide, zebra is my favorite. I think it works beautifully on stools, ottomans, and benches.

This is a patchwork pillow of zebra hide... fancy and fun!

I am not sure what type of animal this faux fur is trying to mimic, but I think it adds a lot of glamour to this space.... especially with the high gloss flooring.

Zebra Head pillow (not my favorite type of application because I am not a fan of heads and eyes) but still shows the use well

An exaggerated zebra print on hide pillow- a great addition to an otherwise stark patio

Not hide, but a leopard ice box on the cocktail tray.... That may be the only punch of animal you need!

If you look closely, you can see the pillows on the sofa are a stylized giraffe print with an inset tape trim on a mitered pillow. You don't have to go with hide, to get the same effect.

Zebra Printed Area Rug- this is a more practical application of the print on the floor. When you place an authentic hide on the floor, it starts to wear and look dull and bare. As a woven design, it is much more user friendly- especially with kids and pets.

Silk Velvet Leopard print on the vintage lucite chair. Gives the room character, right?

Here is the hide I was just talking about. I love the look, but you do have to make sure it is in a low-traffic area. FYI- this is printed zebra. If I am not mistaken, I don't believe you can have real zebra imported anymore (not that I would want to.) I am just saying!

Stylized Crocodile inspired fur throw- Sexy!

Personally, this pillow should be bigger, but I don't mind the combination. I actually like it, and I'm not even a leopard fan.

Ahhhhh..... Miles Redd- The King of "You have to have a punch of Animal in every interior." It subtle, but makes a statement. LOVE IT!

So the moral is, don't be afraid to mix patterns, colors, and textures with animal. As you just saw, numerous different type of styles utilized the same element of design, and though it created a different statement for each room, it certainly made an impact, that otherwise would have left the room lacking in thrill.

The Key..... Be Tasteful, and you got it goin' on!


The Designista


anne said...

Hey, that one pic showed a cool secretary on the left. I decided this week that I am going to paint that old secretary of ours some funky color and use it in my livingroom. Can't decide what color. Want to give the room a "punch" of color. And, of course, I will add an animal print pillow or something. :)

The Designista said...

Did you remove the Armiore? Do you still have the leather sofa? What color is the new chair? send me some images and I'll tell you which route to go? Cuz you put my Scales Mosiac artwork in the living room, right? If so, you could maybe paint it a yellow. That would really pop, and look great with the red, brown and blue, white, black, but not "pop-arty" like a Lichtenstein, but more like a Hollywood regency meets Country.

The Designista said...

And not a primary yellow, but more of a deep and muted golden yellow. Like the stars I did for you! :)

Funny Girl said...

I love animal print! This post has given me so many ideas!

The Designista said...

Oh Good! Love to hear it!