Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Picture Perfect Console

Windsor Smith's home in Los Angeles (House Beautiful)

Consoles are essential to creating a gorgeous interior. Not only do they perform a function of holding things- art, figurines, lamps- but they also create little vignettes of interest where there would otherwise have been nothing. When creating a look on a console there are several things to keep in mind, and guidelines I like to follow.
  1. Art/Mirror should be placed above it, and fairly close to the top of the console.
  2. Floor Accessories- Put something underneath it, either an ottoman, chest, boxes, etc. The look should flow from bottom to top- like it is one whole unit.
  3. Collections- I recently posted about how each room should have a collection of some sort. Here is a collection of clear perfume bottles with silver tops and a collection of Hermes boxes.
  4. Stacking- Whether it be books, or in this case boxes, it adds a horizontal effect to a vertical look. You want to mix and match heights when accessorizing.
  5. Flowers- EVERY room needs fresh flowers. Adding the organic feature freshens and romanticizes the look.
  6. Figurines- Pile figurines on top of other things. It keeps order to the small space (no clutter) but allows you to bring different heights. See the little elephant on top of the single Hermes box?
  7. Theme- Having a theme, like the orange in the photograph, the Hermes boxes, and the box at the bottom,brings the look together. Be careful though- too much of a theme can make it look like a visual display in a retail home store.
  8. Unexpected accessorizing- Like this vintage Gucci handbag and black riding boots. Just because it should be going in a closet, doesn't mean it shouldn't be in the hallway of common space in a family home.
  9. Layering- Put things of different heights in front of each other. See how the flowers are taller than the frame and in front of the picture? Just make sure the flowers, vases, candles, books, etc, aren't obstructing the main portion of the art.
  10. Lighting- Though this look doesn't require it, a small table lamp could have been placed to the left of the photograph. Often consoles are a great way to provide a space to add light, especially in dimly lit hallways. On larger consoles, I love the look of two lamps or sconces flanking art or a mirror.

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