Thursday, September 17, 2009

Seeing Your World in Black & White

I love the drama of black and white. I am immediately drawn to anything of this type of color scheme (Black= complete saturation of color, White= absence of color.) I love to wear it! I love fabrics, wall paper, stripes, etc. It creates ultimate drama in interiors and fashion. It can be playful, but most often I think it creates a "sexy" environment.

I think people get nervous to try this scheme for fear it will be too much of a contrast, but I wanted to show some examples of this look. You can go over the top, or understated. Try it in a small space first, if you can't bring yourself to go big with a larger room- i.e. a powder room, a single wall, even a piece of furniture- and I know you'll be impressed with the outcome.

I want a B&W striped powder room or entry so much I can hardly stand it! I love it! This is easy and affordable. This is a fun look, and an example of going over the top, by creating a "Circus" tent in the powder room.

Versace Home in LA. Sophisticated.

An example of creating massive drama in a small space. This is the entry into his apartment. In NY, for many apartments, you only have small spaces to work with. Why not go nuts?

Cythia Rowley's apartment in NYC. Here she has applied a decal to the walls of her shower. This is becoming quite popular for quick, inexpensive, dramatic, and easy for renters. Check out this site that sells these.

This look can be achieved through actual molding or you could even paint it yourself.

Walls painted a glossy black in contrast with white high-relief molding is a wonderful and unexpected color scheme that is perfect for more classic interiors.

Anna Sui's NYC apartment/ Studio. Like her fashion designs, her apartment reflects her patterned and fun style. Here she adds a lot of patterns with touches of color just to bring a little pizzas to the spot. Love the commode turned lavatory!

Adding a black glass to an all white Secretary is a perfect little DIY/ custom feature to bring this scheme into your home.

Don't be afraid to make some risks when it comes to "risky" color schemes and pattern. Black and White works perfectly in modern or traditional interiors, whether you want to do an entire room or just a piece, it creates drama and makes a statement.


The Designista


Funny Girl said...

Technically, black is the absorption of all colors and white is the reflection of all colors. When it comes to paint-- both black and white are pigments.

The Designista said...

Ha you got me! Well I am happy to see that you do read what I write! This was written moments before work. Should've done a little more scientific research. Not everyone can be ivy league grad! :)

Funny Girl said...

HAHA! Maybe you should have read encyclopedias for fun as a child...