Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Collections- A Must Have

Accessorizing your home is what brings your personality to the space. However, there is a fine line between creating a cohesive space that is polished with bits of your quirkiness and style versus one that is a modge podge of chotchky junk/ trinkets that is reminiscent of a salvation army accessory wall meets great Aunt Margie's living room.

One thing that I feel all interiors need are collections. They can be collections of anything- tea cups, vases, perfume bottles, milk bottles, spoons, rocks, shells, etc. And...they don't have to be expensive. Collect them throughout your life, or set out one weekend to find "your collection." Like the picture of blue candle sticks and vases on a mantle, collections create a repetitive element that bring order in a unique way.

Some of my favorite places to find additions to collections: Ikea, Ross, TJ Maxx, Salvation Army, Target, Tuesday Morning, and don't forget finding pieces throughout your life on all your travels- cities, states, and countries.


The Designista

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