Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day NJ Farm Fun = Corn Relish

Hope everyone had a fabulous Labor Day weekend! I went to NJ for one last weekend of fun in the sun before the weather changes. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate. So what was originally planned had to be forfeited for more random and spontaneous fun. Stopping at a state monument and hopping over the border into New Hope, PA were among that fun! However, this little event was one of my favorites- stopping at a roadside farm to buy vegetables for a dish I was bringing to a BBQ in the city later on that night.

I love to cook and love fresh and organic produce. I made Nadia stop here for me, as my dish called for fresh corn.

Laughing at a woman who was flabbergasted that I asked if what I was doing was "shucking, right?" She asked, "where you girls from that you don't know this is shucking? Hey Jim, this girl doesn't know what shucking is?" It was pretty funny!
Getting my lesson

Demonstrating how it's done by the real Jersey Girl- Nadia Stylianou

All my fresh produce
(listed and what should have been added)
NJ Sweet corn
Hot Green peppers
Red onion
Grape tomatoes
Red bell peppers

I had this at Nadia's house and was instantly hooked. I am not one who uses recipes and prefers to make things up as I go. This CORN RELISH is amazing alone, or added as a garnish on a garden salad, on eggs, with warm vegetables, pasta salad..... (I had all of these in the last two days!)

Simply halve the corn, boil for 10 minutes or less, cut the corn off the cob (after running under cold water) and add to a bowl of all the finely chopped ingredients you see above. Add lime, salt, and pepper to taste, and VIOLA! You have got one little fresh dish! The capitalized items are things that should have been added for more flavor!

I love it when I come with a full bowl and leave with a serving or two leftover- My job is done here!!!!!

It's the homemaker and entertainer in me that loves to know that people are happy with the food, the environment, the decorations, the drinks, the music etc. So, I found myself walking around asking my friends what they thought of my dish and how I could make it better. At one point, there were about 6-8 people around the bowl trying to figure out what possibly could have been added to make it even better... and the VERDICT- Cilantro and Jalapenos...... No hurt feelings here, just a little advise for better culinary art!


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anne said...

You are such a good shucker... This is one of your best posts yet, I think. I laughed out loud. could totally picture the lady calling to her husband. Very good story! You GOTTA go see Julie & Julia. It's a great movie and all about blogging.