Friday, September 11, 2009

Art Walls- Easy with a Big Impact

My friend just moved into her apartment in the West Village, and finally has some wall space. She asked me to come over and help her with some design ideas for her new home. She has one wall that is quite large, for NY standards, and I kept trying (came over twice) to get her to do a wall filled with art - paintings, photos, posters, etc - which would fill up the space, give some color to the wall, and make a graphic statement. She was apprehensive to do so, until I started picking up the paintings and actually showing her how great it would look!

Trying to convey my idea of creating an "Art Wall" to Isil, my friend who just moved into her apartment in the West Village. What was supposed to be a quite night at home with a glass of wine and a few decorating tips, quickly became a 2am night with a lot of wine and many decorating tips, including moving things, hanging pictures and surfing the web for new and cost-effective lights and accessories!

Sitting in her apartment, thinking about how to hang all of her art, was a creative endeavor, and got me thinking about how most people have no idea what to do with their wall space. As mentioned, one of my favorite type of art displays is creating a wall that is covered in art and frames. It sounds like it would create chaos, but in fact, if done properly it can give order makes a cohesive environment. Now it seems like home.

I like how the frames are equidistant apart.

Framed and unframed thrift store finds- eclectic and romantic

Repetition of one type of art - great if you have a collection. These pieces are hanging on a piece of fabric.

Wall completely filled from top to bottom- I like how it is mostly black and white photos in frames.

You could find frames, and paint them different colors, and you've got your own art installation.

Drew Barrymore's office at Flower Films- Just printed photographs.

If you are artistic, you could make your own collection of art and hang it up. I know someone who framed her children's art. It was so playful!

The multiple frames on this wall look contemporary and orderly, even against the striped walls.

Gwen Stefani's LAMB office- her photographic inspiration wall.

When you hang art, make sure that there are different heights and hang vertical and horizontal frames. It adds dimension.

Notice the frame on the mantle- something unique. An unframed canvas, sitting behind a single frame.

Another photo wall. I like this idea, but make sure all four corners are tacked down, otherwise, with heat and sun, the corners will start to curl up.

Here they have hung art on the wall, as well as a woven piece around the top picture, added a figurine at the top corner, and set a canvas on the floor. A lot of different applications, but it flows well.

I love this advertisement for ROMO. For you DIYers, try this idea. Find some beautiful graphic and textured paper and frame them. You don't have to scour high and low, create your own. This is soooooo me!

Art is an expression of yourself. It is personal and subjective. You can't go wrong!


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