Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Stop Shop: Evolution

I used to walk past this store nearly everyday when I worked in Soho. I was always intrigued by the faux skeleton hanging outside the front door, and of course, as I have already mentioned my strange love of skulls at the moment, the signage including a skull.

Due to it's location in Soho, I knew it would be primarily filled with tourists, but apparently it has a loyal following with "museums, universities, private collectors, nature enthusiasts, interior decorators, and photographers." It has it's own entomology department and many of it's pieces have been obtained through paleontologists, anthropologists, and entomologists. The "hipster" staff is extremely helpful and inquisitive about your needs and will engage you in all your questions regarding each piece. I was taking pictures throughout the store and they even asked if I wanted to come behind the counter to get a better look. A friendly and eager staff is always a plus!

This store is filled with so many things, it is eye candy for someone who enjoys history and nature. The prices ranges from tiny little souvenir type gifts at $5 to a Woolie Mammoth tusk at $8000. I am sure there are more expensive things, since many are artifacts.

Here is a brief selection of some great things I saw:

I have one of these rugs at home- very popular in design.

This picture does not show this mineral justice. It is a brilliant light blue, grey, silver, and stunning chartreuse green. This is like a sculptural art piece. Around $3000.

Coral and Seashells are a very popular home decor accessories.

The ancient Woolie Mammoth Tusk

Butterfly Shadow boxes- I loved how vivid this wall is. You can choose your own butterfly from their selection upstairs in their museum area. Kind of a fun interactive and personalized gift!

Tortoise Shells

The Peacock- of course my favorite item!

Wall of different types of skulls fabricated with different faces and material

Ostrich Eggs- Would be great sitting on a shelf alone, or even as shown here in a unique bowl or basket

After visiting Evolution, I was going through my design magazines this month and saw a lot of examples of this type of accessorizing. Here are just few!

Notice the barnacle piece and large shell on the coffee table, coral on the mantle and shelves. This designer/ homeowner went a little overboard with the shells. Key to accessorizing- you can have too much of a good thing. Keep it repetitive, or limit it to a few pieces.

(Elle Decor- George Stephanopolous' home in Washington DC- Interior Design by Elizabeth Martin)

Love the single Tortoise shell sitting on the console.

(Elle Decor- Interior Design by Victoria Hagan)

American Bison Head actually purchased from Evolution.

(Elle Decor- Istvan Francer's, Creative Director of Theory, home in Connecticut)

The Peacock sitting on a Moroccan inlayed mother of pearl commode dresser. A breath of fresh air to to the all black and white interior.

(Elle Decor- Anna Sui's, fashion Designer, Manhattan Studio Apartment)

Zebra Rug
(Elle Decor)
Evolution has a good online selection for purchase, but there is no doubt that there is much more in store. Definitely check this place out if in New York City! But if you are in the mood to accessorize your home, "prehistoric" style, this is the place for you! And considering the fact I spotted several pieces from this store in recent articles, it's also the place for top designers!


The Designista


kara said...

Hey Amy,

Totally enjoying your blog. Kara

The Designista said...

Thanks Kara! I really love doing it. Just been a bit swamped lately with the new job, but will for sure be putting much more time into it!

Heather said...

Hi Designista! I spend at least some time literally every weekend cruising through the shops of Soho, and I have always passed by this place thinking it was a creepy science shop. Thanks to your blog, I decided to check it out when I was in desperation for a birthday gift for a girl friend on Saturday and actually ended up buying something in there! Who would have thought. Very cool that you made me see this store as having design elements instead of just bugs and bones. Thanks!

The Designista said...

Hey you are welcome! Glad i could help you out! Looking forward to additional shop cruisin' tomorrow after fabulous champagne brunch!