Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Let's Party!

Today, I got an invitation for a rooftop party at a couple's house for this Friday! I am so excited, as we have hardly had a chance to enjoy the warm and beautiful New York summer sky line, as it essentially has been raining non-stop for three months. Being the stylish friends that they are, the theme is "garden party," where we are all to wear our summer best! A themed party where we dress up- I am all about it!

Those that know me are familiar with my obsession with entertaining. However, due to the tiny little shoebox I currently call home, I am unable to do so, and rely on entertaining that obsession by doling out advise to those who have the means to entertain. They requested we bring two of the following: "beer/ booze/ flowers/ good attitudes." I choose the latter two, of course!

This invitation got me in the mood to post about some lovely garden party designs- some in the city, some in an actual garden, and all using both indoor and outdoor furniture for design. Picture yourself with a cocktail in hand enjoying a summer day or night in these spaces with friends and family...... my idea of a perfect day!

Windsor Smith in her own backyard in Los Angeles. She uses both indoor and outdoor furniture and fabrics for her exterior design. As long as you have a place to store the furnishings when the weather is poor, this is a great idea! Especially for those on a budget- you can take things from inside your home and use them temporarily for the party. The trellis design is absolutely divine!

Miles Redd also uses a trellis design for a patio in NYC. However, true to his glamorous form, he put mirror behind the trellis wall treatment. Perfection! The black and white painted decking, the vintage iron chairs and sofa, mirrored coffee table, live foliage, and NYC backdrop are reminiscent (at least to me) of the many garden scenes from Rear Window with Grace Kelly and James Stewart.

For those of you with an expansive backyard, this simple linen table cloth, wild flowers, over sized urns and candelabras, and teak chairs are perfect for creating a Tuscan or French country side themed dinner. Picture yourself here, carafes of wine, gourmet cuisine and good conversation and laughter......so peaceful.

I love how the vintage chairs are mismatched. This is such a romantically decorated table. I feel like this would be the perfect setting for a brunch with girlfriends drinking champagne, and eating egg souffle, tiny sandwiches and delectable pastries and deserts. Doesn't that sound fun?!?!?! Let's do it!

I just love this picture because, for some reason, it reminds me of my lovely grandma, Martha Jeanne Scott Swigart aka Grammy. I miss you Grammy! She was always a Diva of the home, fashion, and kitchen. I believe I have a childhood memory of eating at a table like this on her poolside patio. This is an example of bringing the garden party inside..... This is a good idea for the city dwellers, considering most of us don't have patios and decks. Remember this furniture? I love it! Picture an antique mirrored inset table top. So vintagely chic!

So plan a little outside dinner party with your loved ones this weekend! All you need, is a sunny sky, some flowers, candles, and a basic table cloth, plus a few little accessories and you've got your chic garden inspired party!

Enjoy your week everyone! Muah!


The Designista


anne said...

Grammy's 84th bday would have been yesterday... What is "muah"?

The Designista said...

Like you are kissing the air! I am trying to be affectionate to my audience! :)