Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rooftop Garden Party in the West Village

Summer finally arrived this week in New York. What better way to celebrate than having a party at my friend's grown up apartment in the West Village! They recently moved in, but have yet to host a party on their absolutely fabulous rooftop. Thankfully, the weather cooperated and we had a wonderful time!

As I mentioned in a previous post, the hosts asked we bring two of the following: "beer/ liquor/ flowers/ good attitudes." For this basic and slightly embarrassing arrangement, as I usually take much care in preparing my floral arrangements, I had to go on a last minute hunt. I mean, wouldn't you think that one of the biggest Kmarts in NYC would have vases? Apparently not. I told them I just couldn't believe that people who shop at Kmart don't buy flowers. This was just crazy. So I had to improvise.... I found tumblers that resembled small cylinder vases- Perfect! Now we could do six small little vases, instead of two large arrangements.

Obviously I was very proud of my little arrangements and how creative I was at problem solving! Check out the newly laid Astro Turf! Nice, right?

Dan and Heather were the lovely hosts. They always host the most amazing dinner parties. And Heather...... Wow what a cook! Look at the boutonniere on Dan's tank..... Remember last week, I posted about the "do-it-yourself" events at the Museum of Arts an Design? She made this there! Isn't that so fun?

Close up on Dan's pink crocheted boutonniere! Way to dress up the wife beater Dan!

I couldn't get this picture to turn out right, but these lanterns were a real hit at the party! I am so glad, too, because I got them for their housewarming gift. Dan and Heather found fallen branches on the street, dragged them home, hoisted them onto their roof and then stabilized them in two upright pipes. With the night breeze swaying the branches, the sound of moving leaves, the glowing lanterns hanging from the trees, and of course all of this with the back drop of NYC, a beautiful setting was created.

I bought them at Anthropologie. The first one, kept blowing out due to it's small size, but the latter two stayed lit the whole time. For those of you, who like to dine outside, I suggest buying these. They were great!

Moon Garden Votive, $4

Moon Garden Votive, Scallop- $12

Moon Garden Votive, Diamond- $6

Jeannie (my sister) came with me, even though she was exhausted from a crazy busy weekend. Thanks Jeannie! We certainly lived it up once we got there! Despite our exhaustion.

So on that note, I say goodnight and have a wonderful week! I hope your last month of summer is filled with many parties such as this one. And remember, even the slightest addition to a regular evening, such as florals and candles, can change the ambiance drastically, and with little effort.


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Maus said...
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Maus said...

so beautiful ;)
i want to know you better!

anne said...

Cute pic of Amos and Jeannus. Dying to know what the comment said that you deleted...