Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Southgate Restaurant at Essex House in NYC
Faceted mirrored wall panels

When I first got out of design school, of course, I was unaware of all the uses of materials, and how they affect space and light-----but I thought I did. My first design job, with the ever so lovely Michelle Janczewski, opened my eyes to the world of mirror, among many other materials, that I never knew existed. And I am not talking about framed mirrors. I am talking about walls, ceilings, enclaves, panels, etc. It wasn't the 70's inspired gold flecked mirror walls of Scarface that I associated with mirror, but a glamorous, reflective, and bringer of light into interior spaces. I have since been collecting the work of many of my favorite designers now for years and thought it time to share this longlasting trick of the trade with all of you.

Unfortunately, at the time of finding these, I didn't bother writing down who is the designer, or where the picture is from, so I have to rely on my memory, which I hope serves me well. These are a few of my favorite mirrored applications.

Kelly Wearstler Interior Design (my favorite designer)- paneled mirror ceiling inset into molding with hanging pendant centered within the panels. Gorgeous entry treatment.

Antique mirrored tiled walls applied in a subway design, with painted design. We actually used this as an inspiration photo for an apartment we were designing in Paris.

I wanted to show the use of a simple fully mirrored wall. The mirrored furniture in my opinion is a bit overkill, but the walls open up the hallway into what looks like a large room.

Miles Redd in his Manhattan antique mirrored bathroom. This is the most fabulous bathroom I have ever seen- a 1930's David Adler design

Mirrored molding and walls in this bathroom. The rest of the bathroom, isn't too bad either!

Mirroring the wall behind the bar in this pool house makes the room seem to go on forever.

Diamond Barratta Design (Another one of my favorite designers) designed this Florida home. Putting mirror behind lattice, makes the mirror disappear. Makes it look as though, it is part of the architecture.

Whether or not you like this design, is possibly up for discussion, but I do. I love the ancient Asian mural painted on the mirrored walls. Many put painted chinoiserie wall covering panels up in dining rooms, this a different take on that look.

Elsie de Wolfe design- a famous interior designer who gained fame in the early part of the 1900's, who is still revered as one of the great interior designers. Here, she boxed out the mantle of the fireplace with mirror and added the detail of real bamboo for molding. Look how the entire room has bamboo molding- LOVE IT!

Antique mirrored panels in a Manhattan apartment. Antique mirror gives a romantic look to mirror- though it is more expensive.

Ahhh- one of my favorite uses of mirror- Dressing rooms and bathrooms....Make sure when adding antique mirror to interiors, use clear mirror where someone really needs to look at themselves, but the rest of the space can be in antique mirror. It doesn't take away from the look at all.

Designer Valentino created this tented space for a huge party in Europe. This is a tent! Can you believe it. This is the most gorgeous event I have ever seen. Look how the walls are mirrored with an Asian fretwork placed upon the mirror. True to form- Perfection!

Kelly Wearstler interior- inset mirrored cabinetry.... one of her trade marks.

Mirrored Dressing room- For the vanity in all of us, what else could you ask for in a dressing room?
Actress Chloe Sevigny's Manhattan Apartment- She placed a large painting on top of mirrored wall. The first time I saw this, it seemed like a trick. This was a really good idea to create the illusion of space.

Don't ever be afraid to use mirror. It is timeless and gorgeous!


The Designista


Rolfe Bautista said...

these are some beautiful and intersting rooms. All of those mirrors really transform the room to something surreal sometimes.

The Designista said...

Thanks Rolfe! I think so too. Obviously you can tell I love mirror! Thanks for the comment :)