Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Store Fronts Unite: Black & White

While my mother was here from CA, we, of course, did the Fifth Avenue walk. A lot of window shopping- not my most favorite thing, but it made her happy. I found some wonderful inspiration shots of store windows (love visual displays) and started snapping- I was now officially part of the tourist crowd on 5th Ave! Then noticed an underlying theme of the store windows- Black & White. Now, I already posted about how fashion and interior design mimic eachother with the Hearts posting, as well as the posting about Black and White. Here we come full circle.

Moschino changed their original red heart chair to black pin stripe with an overtly obvious reference to the trend - BLACK on a white bag

This window display at Saks is divine. With the high relief french inspired wall molding accented by the black trimming- my kind of space.

Originally I took this picture because I want to make a chest like this myself. Stay tuned for a DIY project on how to make one of these chests yourself.

Saks is promoting the new Coco Chanel biographic movie - Coco before Chanel.

I like the idea of painted frames on the wall at H&M showcasing a piece of fashion like an art piece. I would totally do something like this in a dressing room or even in a more formal setting- just depends on the level of sophistication you give it, in terms of color and item placed within the frame. Could also be perfect in a little girls bedroom.

Juicy Couture- This is more black and gray, but thought I would showcase the idea of the use of sticker decals for visual impact, as posted last month.

Since starting this blog, I am intent upon watiching everything around me. I am constantly taking pictures for things that inspire me and how, even if they have nothing to do with interior or event design, they can be applied to design in my life ..... or even yours. Try doing the same. You'll be surprised by what actually tickles your fancy.


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