Monday, October 12, 2009

Pics from My Mom's Visit to NY and Little Bro's Visit to Princeton(one of the many reasons from my absence)

Jeannie and I joke this could be a MARNI advertisement. We are both wearing those fabulous shoes to Buddakan (the restaurant in Sex and the City The Movie where Big and Carrie had their rehearsal dinner.)

As mentioned in the previous post, I have had a lot going on the past few weeks. Two wonderful things that happened was my mom coming into town for a week, and visiting my brother at Princeton for a water polo game. I haven't seen my mother or brother in over 8 months. It was so wonderful! All we did was eat and shop, a lot of cocktailing, and every night ending in a slumber party. Here are a few of the highlights!

Me, Mom, and Jeannie- our "Buddakan Best"

A trip to NY isn't whole without a trip to Saks Fifth Avenue!!!

Afternoon brunch at BOBO- love this terrace. I will post about BOBO decor tomorrow.

Tasting fabulous cornbread at Bar Americain- Bobby Flay's acclaimed midtown restaurant

Posing at Rockefeller Center

Taryn, my mom, Wynter, Amy D, Isil, and Jeannie

Dinner at Malatesta Trattoria in the West Village- Love this little place, amazing food, all young italian men own and run the place, but don't love how the owner who is disrupting our picture- how rude.... He was probably drunk :)

Last night together, posing in the foyer of the Waldorf Astoria. It was an intersting time to be staying at the Waldorf. The G20 summit had just taken place and the entire hotel was swarming with secret service all week.

Oh geez, typical Amy- being a poser in a very dignified setting. Oh well, that's me. Take it or leave it! :)

Visiting my little brother aka "Brother" (that's an Arrested Development reference) at Princeton University. He is a second year at the US Naval Academy. He plays water polo and it was fun to see him play. Go Navy!

NAVY won!!! Beat Coast Guard - their big rival. I love seeing family!!!

All in all it has been a wonderful summer, and though the month of September was insanely busy, it was all worth it.

See you tomorrow with some fun design related posts.


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