Thursday, October 15, 2009

Idea for tiny spaces: Breakfast Settee

I came across this advertisement for Raoul Textiles, a company whose fabrics are full of color and pattern with a vintage feel to the cotton/ linen blend. I have used them before in a project and am always interested in their new products. However, besides the colors in this advertisement it is the placement of furniture that caught my attention.

Now that I am living in these tiny places in NY, I am forced to think outside the box, in terms of furniture placement. This idea of having a corner banquette/ bench placed against the wall with many pillows is a perfect transitional piece. When not using it for a dining table, it could easily be used as a sofa. Make sure you place your television in a spot that is visibly accessible from the table and magic- you have an upholsterd piece for two purposes. Not to mention, the table could be used as a desk, too.

Who says you can't have dinner parties, or tea parties, in a small studio!?!


The Designista

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