Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dream Costume: Pin Up Girl (on a budget)

First things first- what are you going to be for Halloween? I have dreamt about being a pin up girl since I can remember. I think the women portrayed in the images are so beautiful, they are sexy in an innocent way, and I love their figures. So for this Halloween, I decided to act on my dream and become one! I love making my costumes, but they can become costly. Instead of going out and buying a bunch of things I knew I wouldn't wear, I raided my closet to see if there was anything that could accomodate this look. And you know what, that would go for any costume. If you are still trying to find your finishing touches on your on super sassy creation, look first to what you already own. Start with one key piece and that will get you on a roll.

These American Apparel shorts caught my eye when I was walking down 16th street. They were featured in the window in red satin. I knew I had found my key piece (that is not me by the way!) But the question was what else was I going to add to it. I knew I had to wear stockings of some sort, but what about the shirt. Something strapless? Corset? Halter? Off the sholder? I searched high and low, and then remembered this shirt in my closet.

With the wide black patent belt and the gigham shirt from H&M that I bought for my 28th birthday outfit........ A perfect little pin up ensemble I must say!

What in the world was I going to do with my hair????? I looked all over the internet for images that could portray this look, and alot of them are variations on how I already do my hair, with curls and pulled up. I wanted to do something really out of the ordinary, and chose this boufant style with a sash pulled up around my head. Cute right? I had to do a practice run, of course. Just like when I was young and used to sit in front of the mirror practicing hair and makeup! :)

Fishnet stocking are essential to this costume. Not only are the shorts super short, but it will be cold. I need a little warmth:)

At first I was going to buy new shoes, but remembered these shoes I bought and have only worn once. Why not reuse them? They are not a perfect match with the shorts, but who will be seeing that slight difference in the black lights?!?!?!

Happy Halloween! It is getting close ..... two days!!!!!!!!


The Designista


Funny Girl said...

hair is perfect-- except a Pucci scarf doesn't work in the 1940's!!!

jeffdavis said...

looks good amy..glad to see my sister as a pin up........ha