Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Costume's Galore: Part 1

So Halloween was so much fun!!!!! Hope yours was too! So many amazing costumes (more pics to follow this posting- still waiting for additional pics from friends)....great punch (champagne, pomegranate juice, chambord, vodka, and ice skulls), good food, wonderful friends (though many were missing, due to other plans), and a lot of dancing (you'll see some of me down below!) I'll be doing several posts about Halloween; set up, decor, more costumes- so stay tuned. I just wanted to get a few up for people!

The infamous Davis Sisters!!!! By the end of the night, stranger were taking pictures with Jeannie. Peg Bundy is a big hit in Queens!

Originally I posted that i would be wearing fishnets. However, my hand went through them as I was pulling them up. Thank goodness there was a Rite Aid walking distance away, or we would have had a slight problem considering the length of these shorts!

Caught in the act, Dancing Queen!

Peg and Matt Foley (Chris Farley SNL skit- "down by the river eating government cheese...")

Classy.... and might I add spot on! Though I don't think Peg Bundy would have prepared Caprese salad with fresh organic basil, buffalo mozzarella, arugula, and grape tomatoes!

Rachel Zoe and her boy assistant Brad- Quite the cute couple- Marriage 6 months away!

The Irish Ghostbuster (second half of best couple winner) and the football coach as "God's Gift to Women" (most creative Men's costume) Check out his gift tag!

People were calling out "Looooocccciiiieeeeee" while out in town!

I am such a poser!

Matt, Cleopatra (Couple winner!) and Sproket (Mike Myers SNL skit- "touch my monkey")

Best Female winner- Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman- When's the last time you heard a Dr. Quinn reference??? :)

Robin-ette! She was running around punching people with post-its saying "POW" "WAM" "BOOM" Very cute!

My one and only pic of JEM...... I need more of you! Where are the hot pink Jimmy Choos??? My favorite! :)

Little sailor with the best part- Glow Sticks and Glow bracelets! Quite the raver!

This was such an adorable costume- I so want to have a Great Gatsby themed party!

We had a blast! And who doesn't love role playing? I know I do...:)


The Designista

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those costumes are hilarious amy! hahah