Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Open door policy to my bedroom

So, I guess I should preface this entry with the fact that I have been apprehensive to even make this post and the pictures that are to be included. As a designer, one tries to portray themselves as all-knowing and without fault when it comes to their design practice. However, the truth is, we, that is "designers" and creative minds alike, try multiple things to satisfy our interior desires until we finally get it right. And even then, we may live with it for a short time, hate it, and start new. Or even worse, we realized we made a mistake. Much like when you failed to buy the pair of shoes you loved, but said you would think about it. You go back to buy them and they are no where to be found....and you can't seem to get them out of your mind.... days, weeks, months.... We have all been there!

Well, I have decided to let you in on my trials and triumphs when it comes to my design process. The first project will be my personal bedroom here in the East Village in New York City. I'll take you through the tour of my room as-is right now. Keep in mind- I moved to NYC without any furniture. These are things I am accumulating one-day-at-a-time!

Here goes:

I am standing on my desk to get this shot because my room is so small. 10x12- actually, that's not too bad for NYC standards! I bought the bed, nightstand, floor lamp, desk and small filling cabinet (shown in the pictures below) from the guy I rented from at Columbus Circle. I bought all of that for $200.00 and no moving needed to be done! Not my first choice of furnishings, but convenient none the less. The bedding, though to some may seem loud in terms of color, makes me so happy. I contemplated this purchase for almost 4 months. I feel like it reflects my personality- crazy, fun, colorful, and somewhat misunderstood by many! I bought it at Anthropoligie. The quilt and euro shams are from the Bella Collection and the standard shams are from the Iris collection. I didn't want to do it all from the same collection because it looks to matchy-match. It has somewhat of a country feel to it because of the fabric and quilting, so I am going to look for a silk Ikat fabric in the garment district to make a pillow or two for more formal accents to the bedding. I am on a desperate search for a headboard. Think I may have found one- I'll keep you posted (literally!) The whole look of this bedroom was formed from the bedding. This room will have an ecclectic look of french bohemian aka Moulin Rouge-esque, meets Great Expectations (the movie,) meets contemporary lines and ethnic flair!

This nightand is horrible. I hate the color and the height, but it will do for now. What I really want to do is find two small nightstands with doors, paint them black and hopefully be able to put antique mirror in the doors. I want them to go on either side of the bed with matching lamps. The lamp on my nightstand was purchased at TJ Maxx. I love the lines of the base, but the shade is atrocious with a blue and white flocked floral damask print. It was just a good purchase for $30. I know I'll use it elsewhere and hopefully I can find a nice shade that works.

A little note about NYC: I had to store this at TJ Maxx for a week until I could bring it home somehow. As a transplant, you forget that you can't just put something in your car. Alot of places have delivery, but it adds up. That is one reason why this city is so expensive. $5 delivery from Trader Joes +tip, $15 delivery from Bed Bath and Beyond, $7 dollar cab ride from TJ Maxx..... the list goes on and on.

The little table was an important find. I have that giant pink jewelry box from Hold Everything (which unfortunately went out of business a couple years ago,) and needed something for it to sit on. I also found this table at TJ Maxx. I paid $59 for it. I like the lines, perfect size, and the fact it has a drawer and shelf for storage. Living in NY, I have really had to become storage conscious.
I envision this table in a red paint, reminiscent of the old chinese red laquer pieces, and a really unique and large piece of hardware for the drawer pull.

I am so embarrassed about the fact I am plastering this messy pic on the net, but what can I say? I am still moving/ designing/ figuring out where to put everything! Like I said before, I bought the desk from one of my subletors. It does not work in the room, but for right now it will have to..... I have something very specific in my mind, and will keep searching craigslist for the right piece. Above the desk will be shelving.... still contemplating the design of it though.
I love this dresser! I needed a tall and skinny piece that fit in this specific space and saw this on craigslist. It comes across in the picture as cream, but in reality it is fairly yellow with gold leaf paint accents. But surprisingly, it works. I am not a huge fan of the hardware (very dated,) but "that'll do" for right now (That's a Babe reference for any of you who didn't catch that. Gosh- I don't know if I have ever quote Babe!) So many other things to focus on. And hardware can get pricy..... so we'll see. I may eventually paint it, but it does look nice with the yellow in my bedding. I bought this from craigslist for $115. Great condition- and they delivered it up to my 5-floor walkup!!!!!

I have two windows in my bedroom which I LOVE!!!!!! I get so much light and my windows look onto the center of the buldings where there are trees and it really is just a pleasant view. I am looking forward to doing something fun with the widow treatments. I envision one panel draperies on a rod pulled to either side of the widows. My bedroom window is directly across from a yoga studio, so everday I see the people practicing yoga, and I can't even imagine what they see me doing!
This little piece will always hold a special place in my heart. I bought this at a flea market aka junk market the first morning I woke up in my new East Village apartment. I was out for a walk early sunday morning and stepped into a parking lot where older ukranians, many of which had cigarettes hanging out of their mouth, were selling any and everything. I bought this lantern for $10. I was told it worked, and when I plugged it into the wall, a wire was exposed and it electricuted me and sparks started flying out of the socket! AHHHHH!!!!! I was flipping out! My hand had black burns on it for a day or so and I was definitely shaking for a couple hours- and not because of fear, but electric currents still flowing through my body! I am not sure what I will do with this piece. I'll for sure take the amber glass out (save it for something else) and probably spray paint it a bold color. Whether or not I'll rewire it, is another story.

This is my first official design post. The next thing on the agenda is paint! Paint color verdict - posted tomorrow!!!!


The Designista


anne said...

Excellent!!! Really enjoyed it- you are a very talented writer... your personality comes through loud and clear. Will miss you at Lawry's this Saturday night! :)

Funny Girl said...

Love the little lamp from TJ Maxx. From far away the print looks fine.

The Designista said...

I love the lamp too. And far away it is fine, but not upclose. So....... have to find something else for the shade.