Sunday, June 21, 2009

First, a little about me- Miss Amy Davis

Good Morning everyone. Actually at this point, everyone might just be my mom. Hi Mom! There might be a few others that I have told with a reluctant grin, letting them know I finally started my blog.....And hello to the rest of you four!

For those of you who don't know me..... HI!!!!!

Amy Davis (1979 - )

I thought about going right into my first design post, but then realized, there might actually be people who wonder who I am, why I live in New York, and what I am doing here. Let me be the first to say, "My name is Amy Davis. I grew up in sunny southern California all my life, and moved to New York City on February 11th, 2009- 6 days before my 30th birthday." People ask me what I did for my birthday. "Anything special?" "Ummmm, yeah. I moved to New York."

My sister and I at my 30th birthday party she hosted for me at Lolita Bar in the Lower East Side. I had about 30 people show up. Some friends new and old and a really fabulous night!

And now onto my brief history:
I went to school for marketing at San Diego State University. I lived across from the beach on Mission Boulevard- a little peace of heaven on earth. After graduation, I moved up to Pasadena, California to work for my family's lumber company, while I went to the interior design program at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. You've never met a girl who knows more about lumber and wears 5" heals! Going to FIDM made me realize how important it is to study something you really enjoy. I truly loved going to class everyday. While at school, I met the talented celebrity event designer, Diann Valentine, and started working as her assistant on events, weddings, and interior projects. I eventually did a television pilot with her for a wedding reality show. What an experience that was! She is actually on the new TNT show, Wedding Day... Check it out!

Though I always had a strong passion for events, I knew I needed to get into the interior design world. After all, I did go to school for it! One thing led to another and I met a woman, who I proudly call my good friend, and started to work for her. She, too, went to FIDM. Here's a little lesson- NETWORK everyone! You never know who you are going to meet. I was her "project manager" for huge international projects. I even got to travel to London, Paris, and Bali. I received so much training and the travel wasn't bad either! I was truly blessed!

Now let me give you the dirt on why I came here to New York. Ever since I can remember, I knew I was bound for the city life- New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston.... I just wanted to be where there was endless excitement, fashion, design, and people, people, people. But, as life happens, things always came up and before I knew it, years had passed. Excuses like, "I have a good job, I have a boyfriend, I don't want to leave the weather, I may be too old for that life, I'll miss my family, this is good enough for right now, maybe later, do I really want to live in a shoebox?" But it was always in the back of my mind..... and weighing me down with regret, more often than not.

So....... after a difficult break up with someone I had spent years of my life with, as well as some dating disasters that followed, I decided to quit my job and move to New York! Yippee!!!!!!! I gave notice on my apartment and when it came down to finally moving, I CHICKENED OUT. Can you believe it? And again, I came up with all the aforementioned excuses (sans the boyfriend and job, of course) and was now in limbo. Thanks to my grandfather and his vacant house, I moved to San Clemente, California, where I spent 10 months living one block from the beach. I took a hiatus from design and started working at Nordstrom. I did a few freelance design jobs here and there, but primarily worked at Nordstrom. I am sure I'll go back one day and perhaps settle in Orange County permanently. Living at the beach is really a wonderful life. But I am not ready for that yet!

Though I LOVED living so close to the beach, I still thought about New York daily, but I never really talked about it with anyone. I was tired of being the girl that cried wolf. Then, on New Years Eve, I was sick with a cold and laying in bed. I remember I was watching "Love Actually" and even though I was sick, I was still drinking champagne. I refused to be at home on New Year's Eve and sober!!! But I had a moment of realization and it became clear to me that I had to move to Manhattan or I would regret it for the rest of my life. I didn't want to regret not doing things anymore. So.... I made the decision. Three weeks later, a friend of a friend was going to travel for two months and needed someone to take over the lease for that time. It worked out perfectly. From the moment I made my decision to my arrival in Manhattan, it was 6 weeks. My sister and best friend from college both live in New York, and they met me at my apartment that night. I finally took a leap and the net appeared. I was safe!
My sister Jeannie and I taking a picture while talking to my mom letting her know I had arrived safely.

My friend Wynter, friends for over 10 years, who met me at the airport to bring me home for my first night. Something she said she wished someone would have done for her! Thanks Wynt!

Living here has been an absolute blast and the experience of a lifetime. Meeting new people, traveling on the subway, food and entertainment, city life, staying up all night, a Britney Spears concert and so much more. Check out the pics below of two wonderful memories of mine in this city.
This picture was taken by me on a rooftop at sunrise less than two weeks after my arrival and two days before my first snow storm. Needless to say, it was FA-REEEEZING! But definitely worth it!

My sister wanted to see Britney Spears for her birthday so we got great seats and after the concert we decided to put all our Britney gear on and head back into the city and show up at another birthday party. I am sure we looked like freaks in our B-Spears shirts and masquerade masks, but it was soooooo fun!

But with all the fun, there has also been some difficult times- emotionally I should say. It has, at times, been really hard. The biggest point of contention is my living situation. I moved here in February and lived in East Williamsburg for six weeks, then moved to Columbus Circle across the street from Central Park for 2-1/2 months, and now just moved to the East Village. It has been hard settling down. And now, though I LOVE the location, I live with roommates.... Something I haven't done in 8 years. Also, my dog, Penny, is still at home with my mother. I decided to leave her at home until I was able to provide a comfortable place for her to live here in the city. I miss her so much, but thank goodness my cat Chloe is here with me! The job market is not so great here in New York, but I am actively looking for an opportunity that will allow me to live on my own, even in a borough, and bring Penny out here! Currently, I work at a high-end fashion boutique in SOHO, Big Drop, where I have the occasional celebrity customer. I have met some really great friends there, and for that, I am very thankful!

This is my cat Chloe..... Been a little beacon of support here in the city. I know she misses the great outdoors in California. She looks a bit viscous here, but she is actually only meowing to me. Caught in the action!

This is the little apple of my eye, Penny. I miss her so much. How could you not? Look at that precious face. She'll be joining me as soon as possible! This picture was taken underneath the covers... so cute.

Putting the above complaints aside, I have never regretted my move. Don't get me wrong, there were times where I was severely homesick, especially during my first snow blizzard, and thought about coming home, but thank goodness for my friends and family who slapped me back into place! They know how much this move meant to me and they weren't about to let me come home just because it got a little hard! Thanks guys!

This was taken when I woke up and opened the draperies to my apartment. I was obviously going to be bound inside since I did not own snow boots and I just lost the other hand to my only pair of gloves! Pretty though, right?

I just wanted to share with you my little history, and for those of you that know me, this could have gone on for days. I am notorious for telling stories that never end! There are just so many details I think are important...but no reason to bore you with them. Perhaps this little story will give the umph to someone who's made a lot of excuses for not pursuing their dreams. If so, don't let the moment pass anymore.

This has been the experience of a lifetime and I am so looking forward to what each day brings!

Now..... Let the creative postings begin!!!!! Wooohooo!


The Designista


Funny Girl said...

Chloe looks mean! I love the pic of the rooftop! I will never forget that night!

The Designista said...

I know, but it really is what she looks like when she meows. You know how she is so animated! That rooftop pic is so awesome!

V. Wynter said...

i think at this point...I'm most impressed by your picture taking. I never knew you were so talented with a camera!

The Designista said...

Wow Thanks Wynt! So happy you finally made it on here!