Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Big Drop Event- I got my pics on the net! Looks like I'm coming up!

Last week, I was helping out at a shopping event that Big Drop hosted for Dress for Success. A percentage of the proceeds went to the charity. There were some photographers there and I got my picture on a couple of websites. Since I am so new to this scene, I thought it was really fun!!!

I met this great girl at the event who blogs about all things related to fashion. Her blog is http://www.misswhoeveryouare.com/. Check it out!

This was the caption to the picture: "Amy, Big Drop NYC Sales Assistant who is coming out with her own interior design blog by next week. We totally had a convo about blogging. My words of wisdom "Dude, it's SOO addictive!" Word."

Thanks Eileen for the shout out! And you're right, it is addictive!


The Designista

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