Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Let the painting begin- Goodbye Yellow, Hello Hazy Blue

As you can see in the previous posting, my room is currently painted yellow- a bright yellow that is between a pastel and primary yellow. I strongly dislike it- for a bedroom that it. And my slight rant right now does not mean every yellow. There are many gorgeous and rich golden yellow colors. The reason being is that it hurts my eyes. I think I may be more sensitive to it than others. When I wake up and look at the walls, especially when it is bright outside, it is very difficult to focus. I know that may sound dramatic, but let me give you a brief description why. This is important for all you parents; especially those getting ready to do a nursery.

Yes, yellow is a neutral and happy color which is obviously why it is so popular. Yellow reflects the most light of any color and therefore, it is can cause irritation, headaches, and the straining of one's eyes. I remember in design school my color instructor said studies had discovered that babies were more likely to cry in a yellow room versus any other color. Hey mom, perhaps that why I cried so much? they tell her. Since we're on the subject, go with neutrals (that includes beiges and grays,) blues and greens. They are very suitable and calming for the babies. Also, pinks and reds are great too, however, they too, are loud and energetic so should be used in moderation as accents.
I have decided to paint my room Benjamin Moore's Hazy Blue in a high gloss finish. There is a color similar to it in my bedding. However, the main key to choosing a paint is holding it up to the walls against the main item, that being my bedding, and making sure that it works in different types of lighting at different times of the day. The color is not a pure aqua, but rather more of a dusty aqua- a bit muted. Yes, it may seem dark for some because my room is so small, and believe me, it has been a concern. But due to the high gloss finish, it will reflect light. High gloss paint should usually only be used on walls that have no imperfections, meaning it should not be used on my walls, because there are spackling marks everywhere! But..... I am going to take my chances. I intend on having a lot of decor on the walls, so hopefully it won't be a problem. But hey.... remember how I said in my earlier posts about the trials and tribulations of design? Well, here is one. I am going to take a chance!

Hazy Blue- Benjamin Moore 2040-50

Well, I am off to work now, but wanted to share my decision with you today. I am going to buy a scanner today. There are so many things I want to show you; for instance, the nurseries mentioned above and sketches and inspirations photos am using for my own design purposes.

Have a great day everyone!!!


The Designista


Funny Girl said...

Have a great day too!

Funny Girl said...

How do you think the color will match your bedding?

The Designista said...

Its going to look great! I hope. There is a lot of that color in the bedding and I have been really turned on but that color lately.